Principal's message

Principal’s message on Oral Feedback from ESR in morning assembly dated 31st May 2010

Dear teachers and students,

Good morning.  

Today I hope to congratulate you all that your performance in the past ESR days as it was excellent and you have helped the school to win a high commendation as stated in the oral feedback of our guest visitors, the ESR Team.  

The school was commended for being a school with a clear vision of touching hearts and a mission in line with the educational trends in Hong Kong.  

Teachers were commended for being friendly, adopting a positive attitude towards teaching, having a good knowledge of the subject they teach and giving positive feedback to students.  

Students were commended for being generally well-behaved, attentive in class, showing respect to each other, being active in participating in and organizing activities and maintaining a harmonious relationship with their peers. Senior form students are always ready to help those in junior forms and they have displayed good leadership skills. Students’ academic performances are good and have a strong commitment to serve the community.  

Parents and old boys were commended for being cooperative and supportive to the school. Their help in providing voluntary manpower and finance has been highly appreciated.  

The school climate was found to be clean, safe and harmonious for learning.  

In conclusion, the school has made noticeable improvement in the past few years.  

Now, I hope to thank you all for your hard work and loyal support to the school. I also believe all of us will not be satisfied with the present good performances, we will continue to work hard in studies and games so that we can make CSK shine brighter in the days to come.  

Thank you.

Principal’s speech at Inter-school Basketball Competition 2009/2010 Kowloon Area Division Two Boys , Division Three K1 Boys and Division Three K3 boys dated 25th May 2010 in the Hall of Chan Sui Ki ( La Salle) College

香港學界體育聯會港島及九龍地域中學分會委員陳錫源先生 , 香港學界體育聯會執行秘書鄧嘉珮小姐 , 各位嘉賓 , 各位老師 , 各位同學 ,

 大家好。 很高與得到大會的邀請 , 使我可以出席今天中學校際籃球比賽本組的頒獎典禮 , 並蒙大家蒞臨本校參加典禮 , 我本人及本校全體員工都感到非常榮幸和感謝。

同時 , 我相信今天聚首在這裏的同學 , 都是籃球運動的精英及認同者 , 應該都明白籃球運動除了是球技及體能的訓練外 , 亦可以幫助大家的個人成長 , 使大家學懂了合群 , 責任 , 堅毅和自信的個人修養。 所以 , 今天的頒獎典禮 , 就是榮耀大家在籃球運動的表現 , 我在這裏謹衷心恭喜各得獎的學校及同學 , 希望大家繼續努力 , 來日有更好的成績。

 每年校際籃球比賽之能夠順利展開及完成 , 實有賴香港學界體育聯會的執委 , 各間學校老師的協力策劃及安排 , 我在這裏亦謹向各委員及所有參與的老師致敬。最後 , 祝所有在座嘉賓 , 老師 , 同學身體健康 , 生活愉快 , 多謝。

Principal’s message about MOI dated 2nd December 2009

Good morning, teachers and students,

This morning, I would like to have a few words about the school’s Medium of Instruction Plan for F.1 entrants in 2010-11.

As you may aware, there is a policy of fine-tuning the Medium of Instruction for secondary schools from EDB. Under the policy, in the coming year, a school will have to plan appropriate medium of instruction for its new F.1 students according to their academic abilities. Now, as mentioned in yesterday’s Sing Tao Daily, our school plans to have 4 EMI F.1 classes and one F.1 class using both English and Chinese as the medium of instruction. If you want to know the details of the plan, please click to our school homepage for information.

This is certainly not happy information. However, you ought to know that a good school is not to be judged just by its medium of instruction. CSK is a good school, mainly because of our whole-person education and our touching hearts. You should be proud that we have many F.5 and F.7 graduates who obtained outstanding public examination results. You should also be proud of your outstanding extra-curricular activities; such as our A grade basketball team is going to fight for the championship this Friday. You should be proud because you have here in CSK, good teachers, good classmates, good old boys, good Lasallian heritage, good campus facilities and good school life. . Most importantly, you are boys in red that means you are good guys and will never give up.

Dear CSK boys, will the reduction of 1 EMI class means a fatal end to the school? Certainly not, the school has new plans and we aim at helping our new F.1 students to catch up their academic standards so that they would not have study problems by the time they are promoted to senior forms when English will be the primary medium of instruction.

Dear CSK boys, abuse of media today is common and please don’t feel angry about the newspaper’s wordings. Please be calm and it is the time for you to study hard and work hard so that your achievements explain everything to the outsiders.

Finally, I wish we will look forward without fear and hand in hand we will resume all our classes as EMI classes some years later.Thank you.

Principal’s welcome speech and school report on Annual Speech Day dated 27th November 2009

Our Guest of Honor, Professor Cheung Bing-leung, President of the Hong Kong Institute of Education, Reverend Brothers, Distinguished Guests, Parents, Old Boys, Teachers and Students,

Welcome to our school’s 2009 Speech Day.

The year 2009 is a year when our school is celebrating its 40 th anniversary and the Speech Day this evening means a milestone in the history of the school. Therefore, we are much honored to have you all in this function, particularly Professor Cheung who should be very busy in his educational and community services yet still has kindly come to address the school and present awards to our students. On behalf of the school, I wish to sincerely thank Professor Cheung and all of you for your support.

The year 2009 is really a year of “heritage, unity and development” which is the theme for celebrating the school’s 40 th anniversary. We treasure our heritage because it is the foundation for the school to move forward. We are much indebted to our La Salle Brothers and predecessors who passed on to us a rich heritage of good values, effective practices and plenty of resources. Last year, under the call of the 40 th anniversary, the school has experienced strength of unity much greater than before and because of the concerted effort of all CSK Lasallians, our students have made successful achievements in both academic and non-academic areas.

Academically, our F.7 students have done well in the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination. Out of the total subject entries, 92% passed. The passing percentage of Use of English was 100% and that of the Chinese Language and Culture was 96.4%. The best three students were Wong Hin Hei Henry who obtained 3 distinctions, Yiu Ngai Chiu and Wong King Yin who each obtained 2 distinctions.

In the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination, out of the total subject entries, 85% passed. The average passing percentage of the three core subjects, namely, English, Chinese and Mathematics was 91%. The most outstanding students were Tam Kin Wai and Cheung Long Hang who each obtained 7 distinctions and Chan Kan He and So Wai Chung who each obtained 5 distinctions.

Besides academic performance, CSK students continued to be outstanding in many extra-curricular activities. In sports, last year, overall we came 3 rd in Division One A Grade Inter-school Football Competition, 4 th in Division One A Grade Inter-school Cross Country Competition and 4 th in B Grade Inter-school Badminton Competition. We were also second in Division Two Inter-school Basketball Competition and third in Division Two Inter-school Table-tennis Competition. As a whole, our overall sports achievements were ranked tenth among all Hong Kong schools in the Bank of China Hong Kong Bauhinia Bowls.

In addition, our students excelled in many other talents. For example, last year, in the Hong Kong Schools Music & Speech Festival, we won one champion in the Di Solo, Advanced Section, and three champions in the English Solo Verse-speaking Section. Moreover, one student won the Best Debater Award in the Hong Kong Students’ Chinese Oral Competition. Also, we have a team of students who obtained an Outstanding Cooperation Award in the Hong Kong Schools Drama Festival. Apart from speech, debate and drama, in the Hong Kong & Macau Mathematics Olympiad Open Contest, one student won the Individual Event Silver Honor. Furthermore, another student won the 2 nd runner-up award in the Chinese Book Report Competition (Junior Form Section) organized by the Commercial Press Hong Kong Limited. Besides, a group of students was awarded as one of the top 20 teams among the 135 school teams competing in the Hong Kong Cup Diplomatic Knowledge Contest. Among all, the most impressive award is the Felix Wong Youth Improvement Award presented to F.5 Lau Yue Hin who has showed greatest courage in facing life adversities and succeeded in continuing his studies despite the fact that he has undergone several big operations because of his sickness.

Our students also never stop their service to the community. Last year, our Prefects, Red Cross, Scouts, Community Youth Club, Voluntary Services Group and many others received a number of awards because of their good services to different sectors of the community.

What is more, the school has a strong culture in nurturing our students to learn through life-wide experiences. Last year, students responded enthusiastically to the talks of many distinguished guests such as Mr Leung Ka Kit, a Legislative Councilor, Dr.Tsang Fan Kwong, a psychiatric doctor, Dr. Chan Ka Fun, a science fiction writer and Mr Au Ka Lun, a senior journalist. Among them, Mr Au Ka Lun received particular attention of our students because Mr Au was an old boy who graduated from CSK in the year 1987. In addition, our students were encouraged to learn beyond the school campus. Teachers have organized for students various field trips, visits and study tours. For example, our Liberal Studies teachers have organized five local day-trips and led our students to visit different spots of cultural heritage in Hong Kong. Moreover, our Overseas Learning Partnership Committee has organized a study tour to Chan King Luen Middle School in Jiang Mun, China. In addition, we must salute to the teachers who took a group of students to Oxford of the UK for overseas studies during the summer vacation although the world at that time was threatened by the Human Swine Influenza.

Furthermore, the school year 2008-9 was the year of finalization in preparation for the new NSS curriculum which has started since September. Besides working on the core and elective subjects, teachers have to plan OLE activities for our students. There are now additional normal lessons for teaching Moral & Civic Education and Visual Arts to F.4 students this year. Teachers in charge of the above two areas have prepared quality school-based teaching materials and we have confidence that our students will benefit in these lessons. Moreover, a new Wednesday OLE time has been created in the school calendar. Every Wednesday, normal lessons would end one period earlier so as to give a flexible extra period for individual teachers to organize different OLE activities for different students.

The school year 2008-9 was also a year of reflection because it was the last year of our previous 3-year School Development Plan. Aiming at a better plan, the school carried out the Planning-Implementation-Evaluation process throughout the year. In the process, teachers worked hard as a team on holistic reviews of our previous school major concerns and on the four performance domains as suggested by the EDB. Due to the hard work and collaboration of our teachers, the school has successfully made a new school development plan for the following three years. Looking forward, we have confidence that our school will become a learning community and our students will make greater achievements in the coming years.

Before closing, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all teachers and staff for their devotion to our school and wish our graduates every success in the future.

Lastly, I sincerely wish everyone joy and peace. Thank you.

Principal’s welcome speech on Annual Academic Prize-giving Ceremony dated 27th November 2009

Our guest of honor, Dr. Cheuk Chun Yin Albert, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Reverend Brother Lawrence, parents, teachers and students,

This morning, the school is pleased to have a very outstanding old boy, Dr. Cheuk Chun Yin Albert, Assistant Commissioner of Police and who is currently the Director of the Hong Kong Police College, to come back to his alma mater to officiate our Annual Academic Prize-giving Day 2009.

Dr. Cheuk joined the Hong Kong Police Force as a police constable after leaving CSK as a F.7 graduate in the year 1977. Now, as I have just mentioned, Dr Cheuk has a doctor degree and is the headmaster of the Hong Kong Police College; both are dreams of many youngsters today. In fact, Dr. Cheuk is a person of life-long learning that he never stops his academic learning while being a policeman.. In 1993, Dr Cheuk obtained his first Master Degree in Business Administration from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Then, in 1999, Dr Cheuk was awarded his Doctor Degree in Business Administration from the same university. Later, in 2007, Dr Cheuk obtained his second Master Degree of Arts from the London University.

Apart from his academic achievements, Dr. Cheuk has made outstanding and diversified achievements in his work as a policeman. To name but a few, Dr. Cheuk has served as a Personal Security Officer to the Governor, Personal Assistant to the Commissioner of Police, District Commander of Mongkok District, Deputy Regional Commander of South New Territories and now the Director of Hong Kong Police College.

The school feels proud of Dr. Cheuk’s achievements because he was a student like you many years ago and he has shown to the community the story of a successful CSK graduate. Now, in order to show our appreciation, please join me to give Dr. Cheuk a round of applause. Thank you.

Before closing, I must congratulate the prize-winners today on their academic achievements and hope the others will follow their examples to make improvement. At the same time, I must remind the prize winners that your success today is also due to the love and support from your parents and teachers. Please never give up and your achievements in future would be the best reward to them all. Lastly, I wish every one of you a bright future. Thank you.

Principal’s message on Handover Ceremony of Student Association dated 2nd October 2009

Good morning, teachers and students,  

Today is a great day to all CSK students because it is the inauguration day of your twelfth Student Association. As you may be aware, our school mission aims at giving you an all-round education and there are many opportunities for you to learn beyond your classrooms. These opportunities will give you life-wide learning experiences which you will find helpful in developing your potentials and strengthening your positive life values. Realizing the importance of life-wide learning and positive life values to you, the school has put them as one of the three major concerns in our coming three-year School Development Plan. Among the many life-wide learning activities, the experience of serving the SA deserves your first consideration. From it, you will learn how to tackle many problems which you are most likely to face after completion of your studies in CSK.  

Now, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Cabinet of the eleventh SA – Mosaic. In the past school year, under the good leadership of Mr Li Chi-wah and his cabinet, CSK spirit has been strengthened and a better learning atmosphere has been built up.  

Also, I would like to congratulate Mr Tam Kin-wai and his new Ablaze Cabinet on their success in winning your support. The school has great confidence in the Ablaze Cabinet because they have demonstrated to us their abilities and willingness to serve the school through their promotional activities in the past two weeks. We believe they will continue the good legacy of CSK and will help CSK to become a better learning community. We trust they will achieve their targets as stated in their words as follows:

CSK Boys in Unity
Show Our Superiority
Try Hard in Games and Studies
Always Fight for Victories  

Finally, to show our appreciation to the members of the Mosaic Cabinet, the Ablaze Cabinet and their teacher advisors, may I invite you all to join me in giving them a big hand.

Thank you.

Principal’s message on Prefects’ Tie-Presentation Ceremony dated 14th September 2009

Good morning, teachers and students,  

Today is a day of honor to our school prefects. On Tuesday last week, teachers met for selection of this year’s prefects. T he selection criteria are closely related with the success criteria stated in our school vision and mission.  

Generally speaking, our vision/mission is successful when our students

The school is happy because there are over two hundred applicants and all of them are qualified. We sincerely hope the prefects so selected will devote themselves to helping the school to achieve its success criteria.

The school encourages students to aim at becoming a prefect because it means an opportunity in leadership training and in serving people which you might not be able to learn from your normal lessons.

Prefects deserve our respect because they help tremendously in maintaining the good traditions of CSK, helping the running of school activities and keeping the discipline of order of students.

We are grateful to Mr Yiu Kin-man and his team of prefects who served in the last school year. Please join me to give Mr Yiu and all prefects of the last school year a round of applause. Thank you.

At the same time, the school appreciates the courage of Mr. Chau Yim Hang and the newly-elected prefects. We trust that they will not disappoint us and will continue the good legacy of our school’s

Prefectorial Board. Also, I must thank Mr CK Wong and other teacher advisors of the Prefectorial Board for helping our prefects and students to develop good discipline and order.

In order to show our support, please join me again to give the teacher advisors and the prefects of this school year a big hand. Thank you.

Finally, I firmly believe that when all of you are a good leader today in school, you will be a good leader tomorrow in the community.

Thank you.

Principal’s sharing on favourite books in morning assembly dated 8th September 2009

各位老師 , 各位同學 ,

大家好。今年學校擬定了新的三年發展計劃 , 提高中文和英文水平 , 是首要的關注項目 , 推廣閱讀是其中所用的策略之一 , 希望大家多些閱讀 , 可以提昇自己的素質。 

閱讀可以是随意的自由閱讀 , 亦可以是帶着目的而選擇性地閱讀 , 不過在時間不夠的情况下 , 應該是採用有目的而選擇性地閱讀。 

暑假前 , 負責閱讀推廣工作的 謝綺玲老師邀請我向同學們推介可閱讀的書籍。 我很想找一本可以幫助大家增强學習能力的書 , 帶着這個目的 , 終於在國內一間書局找到了今天給大家推介的書 , 書名叫 「 學會學習 」 , 是國內中國華僑出版社在 2008 年 7 月初版 , 作者方州。

 初翻閱時 , 以為是本雷同描述香港教育藍圖教育方向的大陸教育策略文獻 , 但看了下來 , 方知道這是一本勵志的著作 , 是一本指導我們如何學習的書 . 看完之後 , 自覺獲益良多 , 所以用分享的心態 , 向大家推介這本用簡體字編著的國內書籍。 

本書以人生需要知識 , 知識需要學習 , 學習需要學習方法為因果 , 帶出學會學習方法的重要性 , 接着列出學會學習方法的一些思考問題 , 並以理論及實例推介可用的方法。

這一類的著作 , 要吸引讀者 , 除了內容理論 , 更需要文筆配合 , 本書作者用字簡潔 , 說理清晰 , 不時加插中外古今人物的實例 , 使讀者更容易明白書內的道理 , 對之產生共鳴 , 這裏給大家唸幾句書中的句子 , 希望大家有所感受 : 沒有知識的人看不清前進的道路 , 無法參與和應對更加激烈的競爭 ; 也就難以在人生的路上走得更高更遠。

他人的學習方法固然可以借鑒 , 但不要忘了你的目的是找到最適合自己的方法。

要學到真正的知識 , 掌握最有效的學習方法 , 就必須勤于實踐。因為實踐是求得學習真經的最佳途徑 , 親自動手 , 你才能搭起一座通天的學習之梯。

上述的精句 , 在書中多處可見 , 說理之外 , 更有名人如曾國藩,華羅庚 , 李嘉誠 , 愛迪生等等的生活见証 , 使讀者愈讀愈有反省自我及嘗試跟從的心態。

各位同學 , 如果你對自己目前的學習有所困擾 , 希望你可以帶着求教的目的閱讀本書 , 相信可以有所得着。

最后 , 祝大家學習有方 , 前程無限。謝謝大家。

Principal’s message on the First School Day dated 1st September 2009

 Good morning, CSK Lasallians  

Welcome back to school. After the long summer vacation, here we stand together to show that we are strong in unity to face the challenges in the years that lie before us. Now, you might have some questions in your mind. For example - What shall I do this school year? Am I well prepared in studies and games? Will I improve my learning? Will I be good? Will I be ...? There must be more questions you are thinking about. Certainly everyone is looking for some best answers so that he can achieve his desired targets easily. However, ways ahead are not as straight as you may think and you can only achieve your goal after self-evaluation, planning and implementation.  

In the course of self-evaluation, planning and implementation, you must never forget the teaching of our founder, St. John Baptist De La Salle from whom we derived our Lasallian vision in education. Our school vision is touching hearts which means the school encourages everyone to care and love each other through our Lasallian spirit – faith, zeal and community.  

For faith, we propose Jesus Christ as “the way, the truth and the life” while respecting other spiritual traditions. It means we have confidence because we do in the glory of God and it is why our school motto is “Laus Deo Semper” – Praise God Always. For zeal, we mean one must be passionate or very enthusiastic in doing things and one shall never give up in the face of challenges. For community, we are to promote unity and harmony in our school. With a mindset of Lasallian spirit, you will be able to evaluate truly the work of your past year, you will have confidence in planning your future and you will never give up in implementing your plans.  

As CSK boys are boys of good potentials, the school has high expectation of you. You are expected to plan with an aim of serving the people, the community, the nation and the world. To realize your aims, you should equip yourselves with adequate knowledge and skills. However, in the era of knowledge explosion today, for effective learning, you have to learn in groups. Therefore C-S-K, that means “ Learning Community, Serving People and Acquiring Knowledge” are proposed as the guiding directions for your studies in the school.  

Now, I would like to thank our teachers who worked very hard in the summer vacation, such as conducting extra lessons, preparing teaching materials, training school teams, organizing training camps, arranging visits and holding competitions. At the same time, we should be grateful to our office and janitor staff. In the summer vacation, they worked so hard in furnishing the school campus that this morning we could enjoy a better learning campus. To show our appreciation, please give our teachers, our office and janitor staff a big hand.  

Next, I have the pleasure of introducing three new teachers to you. Please join me to welcome them. They are:  

Ms. Au Yuen-tung, a teacher of English and Integrated Humanities.

Ms. Leung Tsui-yan, a teacher of Integrated Humanities

Mr. Young Ka-kui, a teacher of Economics and Mathematics.

 Finally, wish you all a fruitful year in CSK. Thank you.

Principal’s welcome speech on F.1 Induction Day dated 22nd August 2009

各位家長 , 老師和同學 ,

大家好。首先代表學校 , 歡迎中一的學生和家長加入我們陳瑞祺喇沙書院的大家庭 , 同時亦特別多謝家教會主席 崔慧賢女士 , 家教會多位家長義工和喇沙教育議會雷健泉校友的出席支持 , 當然亦要向出席今天活動的老師們和高班學生工作人員道謝 , 有了大家的參加 , 相信今天的活動將非常成功。

今天的活動非常重要 , 是新生家長與學校第一次正式溝通的聚會。 通過今天的活動 , 期望家長可以對學校的運作有所了解 , 日後可以成為學校教育貴子弟的合作夥伴 , 亦期望學校和家長的共同努力 , 可以給每一位學生最適當的支援 , 使每一位學生都可以積極地學習 , 健康地成長。

另外亦多謝大家對我們學校的信任 , 肯將貴子弟送交我們的老師教導 , 不過請大家放心 , 陳瑞祺喇沙書院本着喇沙會的人文基督理念辦學 , 我們認同關愛可以帶領我們的學生努力向上 , 我們亦認同全人教育可以給我們的學生多元化的學習機會 , 所以我們以培育我們的學生以正面思考為己任 , 鼓勵他們以服務人群為大志 , 期望他們可以學會學習 , 致力於追尋知識 , 盡力裝備自己 , 使自己他日可以成為服務社會的優秀人才 , 要達到這種種的期望 , 學校極需家長的支援 , 所以非常歡迎在座的家長與學校多作溝通 , 希望通過無私的家校協作 , 我們的學生 , 你們的子弟 , 都可以有豐盛的人生 , 錦綉的前程。多謝。

Principal’s message on the last school day dated 9th July 2009

Dear teachers and students,

Good morning,  

Today, because of the human swine influenza, we could not have a normal school closing ceremony as we did in the past years. However, here I still want to give you a short message.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you all on completion of this year’s study in CSK. At the same time, if you remember, at the beginning of the school year, you were advised to plan your studies according to our school goals – CSK, that means your aim in CSK is learning knowledge, your value in life is serving people and you have a holy duty in helping CSK to become a learning community.

With reference to your plan, after you have received your report card which shows your academic learning results today, please reflect truly on your performance of the year. It is my sincere hope that every one of you will plan again for your academic learning in the coming year. For those who did well this year, I hope you will be better in the coming year. For those who did not so well, please never give up and try your best to catch up.

One more piece of advice to you is that you must treasure this coming summer vacation. It is a time long enough for you to change, to improve and to excel in everything you really want to achieve. Please make full use of it and come back to the school in September with a better preparation for your future.

Finally, wish you all a meaningful summer vacation.

Thank you.

Principal’s message on Last School Day of F.5 dated 9th April 09  

Good morning, F.5 boys,
Congratulations on your completion of F.5 education in CSK. At the same time, as you may be aware, you are very different from F.5 graduates of other years – you are very special because you are the graduates of the 40 th Anniversary year of CSK. It means many people would like to look at your achievements as a yardstick for measuring the performance of CSK in the past 40 years. Therefore, please keep that in mind and try your best not just in the coming CE examination but also in your further studies and future careers. Remember, CSK will shine only because of your achievements, our graduates.

Meanwhile, I know some of you are quite nervous about your coming public examination. Here I have some advice for you:

First, be one who knows how to relax. In the coming days, you must include appropriate breaks in your study timetable for rest and relaxation. When you are tired, take a short break to listen to music, draw pictures, sing songs or do physical exercise. It would refresh yourselves for a more efficient and effective study afterwards.  

Second, be confident. You must not look down upon yourselves because CSK boys should not be worse than students of other schools. Try to have close contact with your classmates and help each other in tackling the examination problems. Remember, you are strong in unity. Remember, you are not alone in this examination – your school, your teachers, your parents and your friends are all at your side.  

Third, be one who will never give up. CSK boys are boys who have a Lasallian spirit of “never- give up”. Just try your best and you will be brave and strong to face whatever results in your front.  

Finally, I sincerely wish you all a successful and bright future. Thank you.

Principal’s message on Death of Bro. Herman dated 24th February 2009

Good morning, teachers and students,  

Today the school, on behalf of the De La Salle Brothers announces with deep sorrow the death of Brother Herman Fenton FSC, who passed away peacefully in the St Teresa’s Hospital on February 21 st, 2009, at the age of 95.  

Brother Herman was born in County Limerick, Ireland in April 1913. He taught in La Salle College from 1947 to 1969. In 1964-65, Brother Herman established the La Salle Evening School, providing education opportunity to the less fortunate. In 1969 Brother Herman founded Chan Sui Ki ( La Salle) College, and all the evening school students were transferred to the new school in Homantin. In 1973, he founded the Chan Sui Ki ( La Salle) Primary School. He remained as supervisor of Chan Sui Ki ( La Salle) Primary School and a school manager of Chan Sui Ki ( La Salle) College until now.  

A funeral mass will be celebrated at 9:30am at the St Teresa’s Church, Prince Edward Road, Kowloon on February 25 th, followed by the burial at St Michael Catholic Cemetery, Happy Valley.  

For showing our gratitude to Bro Herman and our determination to continue the legacy of CSK, please remain standing and observe one minute’s silence.  

Thank you.

Principal’s welcome speech on 40 th Anniversary Inauguration Ceremony dated 7th February 2009

Dear Guest of Honor, Brother Patrick, Reverend Brothers, Distinguished School Principals, Friends, Parents, Old Boys, Teachers, and Students,  

On behalf of the school, I have great pleasure to welcome all of you to the 40 th Anniversary and Open Days Inauguration Ceremony of Chan Sui Ki ( La Salle) College. It is a day of rejoice because we will recall together a lot of touching stories we had experienced in CSK in the last forty years. It is also a day for our old boys, parents and friends to know more about the recent and future development of the school. CSK boys have always been known as boys of diversified capabilities and I am sure you will agree after your visit today.  

The celebration of the 40 th Anniversary must be linked to La Salle Brothers who established the school in 1969. It is therefore our greatest honor to have Brother Patrick, Director of La Salle Brothers of Hong Kong to address the ceremony a few minutes later. We must also express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr Chan King-Luen, who is now with us on the stage, for his donation in helping the setting up of the school 40 years ago and his continuous support throughout the years. At the same time, the school wishes to thank the representatives from our various stakeholders for their loyal and non-stop assistance to the development of the school. They are Brother Lawrence, School Supervisor, Ms Rebecca Chiu, Chairlady of PTA, Mr. Peter Lui, representative of Lasallian Education Council, Mr. Toby Chow, Chairman of OBF , Mr. Chris Lau, Chairman of OBA , Dr Ambrose Wong, Chairman of 40 th Anniversary Advisory Committee, Mr.CC Or, Chairman of 40 th Anniversary Organizing Committee and Mr Li Chi-wah, Chairman of Student Association.  

In the past years, under the guidance of La Salle Brothers, the school follows a vision of touching hearts and carries out a mission of whole-person education. Our students are therefore nurtured in a school environment of adequate knowledge-learning opportunities and are well prepared for serving people and community. Today, the school feels warm because of the coming back of many old boys. Many of them, especially those graduated in early years are today leaders of different sectors in the community and their presence could give a lot of inspirations to their younger brothers of today and tomorrow.  

Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks and congratulations to my colleagues, students and all those who have worked so hard to make today’s function a success.  

Thank you and hope all of you will enjoy today’s celebration.

Principal’s message for 40th anniversary dated 19th January 2009

Dear teachers and students,

Today I am pleased to remind you that this year marks the beginning of the 40 th anniversary of CSK. We are proud to have a heritage of 40 years. In the past years, our predecessors worked hard for the glory of CSK and today our school shines brightly because of the outstanding performance of our old boys in the community.  

Boys, can you continue the glorious legacy of your elder brothers? Can you create a better CSK and pass the tradition on to your younger brothers? Undoubtedly, you can, because we all share the vision of touching hearts which includes our Lasallian spirit of faith, zeal and community. For realization of our vision, we choose Christian education to be our mission. For realization of our mission, we set for ourselves three specific goals, namely Community, Service and Knowledge which in short can be easily memorized by the three letters CSK. In other words, our aim today is to form a learning community to help students in acquiring knowledge and to nurture among students a strong commitment to serving people. At the same time, the school 40 th Anniversary Preparation Committee agreed to use Community, Service and Knowledge as the theme of the 40 th anniversary. With such a clear vision, mission and goals, we deeply believe you can continue the legacy and shape a better CSK for your younger brothers.  

Boys, the 40 th Anniversary Inauguration Ceremony and Open Days will be held on 7 th to 8 th February 2009. It is a historical chance for CSK Lasallians to show their strengths on heritage, unity and development to the outsiders. It is therefore the 40 th Anniversary Preparation Committee proposed the use of “Heritage, Unity and Development” as the theme of the Open Days. In fact, everyone today is watching us and has a high expectation on you. The school now appeals to you not to miss such a once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity. Based on our Lasallian spirit and with the support of our old boys and parents, please try your best to make our open days a success. We believe you will never forget such a memorable moment since CSK will continue to shine because of your effort.

Thank you.

Principal’s Welcome speech and School Report on Annual Speech Day dated 21st November 2008

Our Guest of Honor, Professor Ng Ching Fai, G.B.S., President & Vice-Chancellor of Hong Kong Baptist University, Mr. Chan King-Luen, Distinguished Guests, Brothers, Parents, Old Boys, Teachers, Friends and Students,

This evening, Brother Lawrence, the school supervisor and I take great pleasure to welcome you all in celebration of our 2008 Speech Day. We are particularly honored to have among us, Professor Ng Ching Fai who has kindly consented to address the school and present certificates and prizes to our students. On behalf of my colleagues and students, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to each of you and say thank you for your support.  

The school year 2007-08 was a year of consolidation for development. CSK has a strong heritage of Lasallian vision and mission in education and with that, our school always aims at providing an all-round quality education for our students. We help our students to acquire knowledge, to learn how to learn and to develop positive values through our school curriculum both inside and outside classrooms. However, as you may be aware, the new senior secondary curriculum will be implemented from the year 2009 onwards that we could not rest on past heritage. We have to change in order to ensure a smooth transition and provision of quality education for our students. To prepare our students for the new curriculum, our school has been working hard in revising the school system and institutionalizing new practices. For example, there are committees focusing on the four key tasks of Learning to Learn, i.e., moral and civic education, reading to learn, project learning and information technology. Last year, as usual, moral and civic talks, environmental protection and health schemes, reading sharing sessions and related exhibitions were successfully organized because they have become an integral part of the school curriculum.

Moreover, to prepare our junior secondary students for the new senior secondary curriculum, we have trimmed and restructured the curriculum of some subjects. Now, in our junior forms, we have the subject Integrated Humanities replacing EPA, Geography and History. Also, the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology for F.3 have been combined as Integrated Science. We also deliberately keep Chinese History and Putonghua as compulsory subjects in the junior forms to enable our students to receive adequate national education and to acquire basic competency in Putonghua besides English and Cantonese.  

After consulting teachers, parents and students, last year, our 334 Preparation Committee succeeded in fixing the elective subjects, lesson hours and corresponding people working for the new curriculum. Besides, conversion of some places into extra classrooms is in progress and we are sure we will have enough rooms for our increasing student population even in the double cohort year of 2011.  

The year 2007-08 was also a year of teamwork. We were deeply impressed by the response of our CSK Lasallians to various challenges and crises. Last year, in the incident of indecent photos of artistes, teachers were able to provide prompt and appropriate guidance for our students that help them to know what is right and what is wrong. Similarly, after the disastrous Szechwan Earthquake, teachers, parents and students showed their empathy and responded without hesitation by donating money to help the earthquake victims. At the beginning of last school year, the school started to plan for its 40 th anniversary celebration in the year 2009. Apart from the committee members of the OBA, OBF and PTA, many other old boys and parents volunteered to help. With the support of every CSK Lasallian, we have confidence to overcome every challenge ahead.  

Last year, the school had three major concerns in its development:  

Our first major concern was to strengthen the role as a school using English as the medium of instruction. Last year, besides formal lessons, a great number of activities were conducted in English beyond classroom in order to create an English-rich learning environment and to arouse students’ interest in using English for communication. Students responded well to all these activities. A related project which deserved special attention is that a group of our students and some students from King George V School took part in an International-local Schools Joint Community Service Competition Scheme organized by the EdExchange Limited. In the scheme, our students had a chance of using English in communication with the native English-speaking students of KGV. At the end; they were awarded The Best Project among the 18 participating schools.  

Our second major concern was to achieve effective teaching and learning. In the past year, apart from normal lessons, various remedial and enhancement courses were conducted to cater for the diversities of our students. At the same time, a great number of reading programs were organized. One of the highlights was a reading talk by one of our distinguished old boys, Mr. Albert Leung Wai-man or better known in the community as Lam Chik, a famous lyric-writer. In the talk, students paid undivided attention and were highly motivated to learn by reading.  

Since teaching and learning are inseparable, much work has been done to promote teachers’ professional growth in teaching strategies and classroom management skills. Programs such as Lesson Study and Peer Lesson Observation were conducted in the year. Moreover, in recognition of teachers’ dedication to their teaching profession, an award scheme was also established to appreciate outstanding teachers.  

The third major concern was to strengthen support of the all-round personal development of the students. The school believes learning can be enhanced through participating in extra-curricular activities. Last year, to cope with the diversified needs of our students, various activities have been run. For example, leadership training courses, student exchange programs and Basic Life Skills Training Program were organized for different target students. Our students also gained hands-on experience by organizing large-scale activities such as the Moral & Civic Education Exhibition and the SA 10 th Anniversary Variety Show. Other activities such as the overseas study tour and visits to Mainland China also broadened the horizon of our students.  

In the year 2007-08, overall, our students continued to do very well in both academic and non-academic areas. Academically, in the A-Level Examination, the passing percentage was over 86% in total subject entries and about 30% of the entries was awarded credits or distinctions. The average passing percentage of Use of English and Chinese Language and Culture was over 90%. The best student was Ho Wai Tat who obtained four distinctions and two credits.

In the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination, our F.5 students also obtained a satisfactory result. The passing percentage of English Language was 99.5% and the average passing percentage of the three core subjects namely, English, Chinese and Mathematics was 95%. The best student was Lee Pok Him who obtained 6 distinctions and 2 credits.  

Non-academically, our students remained strong in a wide range of inter-school sports competitions. Last year, the school keeps its Division I status in athletics, football, cross-country, basketball and badminton. Overall, our school was awarded the 8 th position in the Bank of China Hong Kong Bauhinia Bowls. Apart from sports, students also won many prizes in the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Festivals and in many other life-wide learning activities. Furthermore, our service groups such as Scout , Red Cross , Hong Kong Awards for Young People, Community & Youth Club and Voluntary Services Club won many awards and merits last year. The school is proud that our boys are all-rounded in development and are persons who are willing to serve the community.  

Now, I must say thank you to our teachers and all the supporting staff for their devoted service in last year. It is with the concerted effort of our staff that our students can make achievements in different areas. Please join me to give our staff a round of applause. Thank you.  

Before concluding my report, I wish to congratulate the graduates and prizewinners on their achievements. Gathered in this Hall of Gratitude, they should be grateful to their parents and teachers who never leave them alone. I trust that after graduation, these promising young men will continue to do well to contribute to the community because they are full of our Lasallian spirit – faith, zeal and community.  

Finally, I wish every one of you joy and peace. Thank you.

Principal’s welcome speech on Annual Academic Prize-giving Ceremony dated 21st November 2008

Good morning, our guest of honor, Mr. Wong Ming-hau, Principal of Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club College, teachers and students,

Today we are very pleased to have a distinguished old boy of our school, Mr. Wong Ming-hau to officiate at our Annual Academic Prize-giving Day 2008. Mr. Wong was a Form 5 graduate of CSK in the year 1975 and he obtained his Bachelor Degree of Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1983. Mr.Wong is a man of life-long learning and he obtained a Master Degree in Education from the University of Hong Kong in the year 1995.  

In 1983, Mr Wong joined the Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club College as a teacher of Chemistry and Computer. Apart from his teaching duties, Mr. Wong was later appointed as the Discipline Master of the school. Mr. Wong is a person who dedicated himself to education. In the past years, he served as the chairman of the Working Committee on the first Training Camp for Secondary School Prefects in Hong Kong , the chairman of the Network of School Discipline Teachers in Hong Kong Eastern District and the Teacher Leader of the Hong Kong Team participating in the Chinese National Chemistry Olympiad held in Changsha and Wuhan. Under Mr. Wong’s guidance, one of his students, Chan Ka Kin came First in the 2007 Intel International Science Technology Invention Contest and a minor planet was then named as KaKinChan by the International Astronomical Union. Because of Mr. Wong’s good performance, he was appointed as the Principal of the Chinese Women’s Club College in September 2007.

 Mr. Wong was a student of this school many years ago. He has studied in CSK as all of you now. The school feels proud of Mr. Wong’s achievements because he has shown to the community that CSK is a good school. Mr. Wong also feels the same. Therefore he comes back this morning as a big brother to give us words of encouragement. Now, in order to show our gratitude, please join me to give Mr. Wong a big hand. Thank you.

 Before closing, on behalf of the school, I must congratulate boys who are receiving prizes this morning and hope the others would follow their examples to make improvement in academic performance. I must also remind the prizewinners that your success is attributed to love and care from your parents and teachers. Please don’t disappoint them and continue to work hard for a better future. To show our appreciation to our teachers here, please join me to give them a big round of applause.

 Lastly, I wish every one of you a successful future. Thank you.

Principal’ speech on Parent-Teacher Association AGM dated 11th October 2008

各位嘉賓 , 家長 , 老師及同學 ,

大家午安 .
今天是學校的大日子 , 月是第十一屆家教會的周年大會 , 今天的學校 , 不再是屬於單獨的任何組織 , 是屬於所有關心我們學生健康成長的人士 , 所以今天是見證家長和老師為關顧學生而携手協作的一個里程碑 .

家教會自創會以來 , 對學校所作出的貢獻不勝數 . 為了我們的同學 , 許多家長曾經在迎新日 , 在運動會 , 在學校各種活動時刻作出盡心盡力的支援 . 猶記得 , 家長資源中心開幕當天 , 二百多位嘉賓 , 家長及老師斬燒豬的熱鬧塲面 , 亦記得 , 每年一度的母親節 , 為了使同學懂得感恩 , 多位家長用心用力指導同學們製作出美麗的心意咭 , 讓我們的同學明白表達感恩的意義 . 每年 , 為了幫助學校增強與區內小學的關係 , 在學校開放招待小學的日子 , 多少家長義工在當天為推介學校給參觀人士而解答到喉嚨沙啞的情景 . 去年 , 為了支援我們連繫的陳瑞祺喇沙小學開放日 , 家長義工們又在小學經辦了一個遊戲攤位 , 出錢出力 , 為學校帶來了良好的聲譽 . 其實 , 其他的服務 , 更包括參加學校的管理工作 , 譬如校董會 , 飯堂管理委員會 , 並出錢出力支援學校購買團體個人意外保險 , 舉辨英文强化課程 , 資助學生參加領袖訓練營等等 .

家教會對學校的貢獻 , 再多時間都說不完 , 家長們有參與實務的義工 , 有的捐助款項及物品 , 有的更在不同的時刻 , 給老師及學校送來了各種形式的慰問及感謝咭 , 使辛苦教學的老師感受到溫暖 , 這種種的關懷 , 學校將點滴難忘 , 所以 , 謹代表學校 , 何所有家教會的委員及所有家長致以衷心的感激 . 並請大家給他們一些鼓勵的掌聲 . 多謝大家 .

最後 , 祝新一屆家教會一切順利 , 並祝在座各位身壯力健 , 生活愉快 . 多謝 .

Principal’s message on Handover Ceremony of Student Association dated 30th September 2008

Dear CSK Lasallians,  

Good morning.  

This morning the Student Association is entering its age of eleven. Eleven years means a lot of heritage has been built and the school appreciates the courage of the new SA cabinet in taking up the duty of continuing the legacy of their predecessors.  

The school is very pleased to find that the slogan of our new cabinet, Mosaic is as follows:
Retain our brilliance,
Unite our merits,
Reveal our talents, and
Brighten our badges.

From their words, we have great confidence that the Cabinet of Mosaic should be able to continue and improve the good work of the Glory Cabinet of last year. We believe, Mosaic members would be able to promote our Lasallian spirits of faith, zeal and community. We also believe they would help strengthening the sense of belonging of past and present CSK boys to the school. We hope, they would ultimately help the school to achieve its three goals of education, namely, learning community, serving people and acquiring knowledge.  

Finally, to show our respect and gratitude to the members of the Glory Cabinet and the Mosaic Cabinet, may I invite you all to join me in giving them a round of applause?

Thank you.

Principal's message on Prefects' Tie-Presentation Ceremony dated 12th September 2008

Good morning, teachers and students,  

Today is a day of honor to our school prefects. As you may aware, prefects are students who are empowered by the school a position of authority over other students in the school. They are student leaders helping the whole school to maintain a good order in teaching and learning. Once they put on their red ties, they are prepared to serve the school and to show to all that they are representing boys in red and will not disappoint their teachers and fellow students. It is therefore prefects are role models of students and they deserve our respect and support. When one becomes a prefect, he is putting himself in a process of leadership training. We deeply believe our prefects will have a greater opportunity to become future leaders in the community. It is true that a prefect’s experience is something, which we could not learn from books and which will help a student’s personal development greatly. I would say, becoming a prefect is a meaningful goal in one’s school life and all of you should be proud of our prefects.  

Now, on behalf of the school, I am grateful to Lung Chun Ho and his team of prefects because last year they devoted so much to carrying out their duties and they helped CSK to advance with glories. Moreover, the school is also grateful to Yiu Kin Man and other prefects of this year because they are boys of courage who will continue the good legacy of CSK. In order to show our appreciation, may I invite you all to join me in giving them a big hand.  

Finally, wish you all a successful life in CSK.  

Thank you.

Principal's message on the First School Day dated 1st September 2008

Good morning, Brother Lawrence, teachers and students ,

A fter the long summer vacation, we must be eager to exchange greetings because we care and love each other. However, after greetings, it is also the time for planning the new school year . Our school vision is touching hearts and o ur school mission is human and Christian education . It is therefore our school has a Lasallian tradition of providing you whole-person education that helps you well prepared for your future. To be well prepared for your future, we suggest three goals for your planning. Firstly, we hope we can work together to make our school a learning community. We are brothers and sisters to each other and so let us help each other in learning both inside and outside classroom . Secondly, serv e people, especially the needy or the poor . If you aim at serving others, you will find life more meaningful and you will have courage facing challenges and changes ahead . Thirdly, you should equip yourself with adequate knowledge and skills so that you can provide good service to others .

Today, we have hoisted the banner of CSK goals in our school campus. In the banner, we have a figure of St. de La Salle indicating our Lasallian vision and mission and three letters, C, S, K which stand respectively for Learning Community, Serving People and Acquiring Knowledge. Together, it means with our Lasallian spirit, our goal is to make our school a learning community so that we can acquire adequate knowledge for serving others. We deeply believe, under our Lasallian spirit, faith, zeal and community, by the time you graduate from CSK, you will be a promising young man with positive thinking and adequate knowledge to serve the community.

Now I would like to thank our teachers who worked very hard in the summer holidays such as conducting extra lessons, training extra-curricular teams and preparing teaching materials. I am also grateful to our office and janitor staff. In the summer vacation, they have worked so hard in furnishing the school campus so that we can enjoy a better learning campus this morning. To show our appreciation, please give our teachers, office and janitor staff a big hand.

Next, I have the pleasure of introducing three new teachers to you. Please join me to give them a big hand of welcome. They are

Ms. Cheng Ho-yun, a teacher of Music and Chinese.

Mr. Ying Man-hon, a teacher of RS, Computer Literacy and Visual Arts.

Ms Law Yat-mui, a teacher of Putonghua, Chinese and Chinese History.

Finally, wish you all an excellent performance in the new school year. Thank you.

Principal's welcome speech on F.1 Induction Day dated 22nd Aug 2008

各位家長 , 老師和同學 .


首先代表學校 , 多謝大家蒞臨參加今天的活動 . 今天的活動非常重要 , 是新生家長與學校第一次正式溝通的聚會 . 期望家長可以對學校的運作有所了解 , 日後可以成為學校教育貴子弟的合作夥伴 , 亦期望學校和家長的共同努力 , 可以給每一位學生最適當的支援 , 使每一位學生都可以積極地學習 , 健康地成長

另外亦多謝大家對我們學校的信任 , 肯將貴子弟送交我們的老師教導 , 不過請大家放心 , 陳瑞祺喇沙書院本著喇沙會的人文基督理念辦學 , 認同關愛可以帶領我們的學生積極向上 , 我們推行全人教育 , 設計多元化的學習機會 , 幫助學生發展不同的潛能 . 我們鼓勵我們的學生正面思考 , 追尋知識 , 終身學習 , 並立志服務他人和造福社群 , 要達到這種種的期望 , 學校極需家長的支援 , 所以非常歡迎在座的家長與學校多作溝通 , 希望通過無私的家校協作 , 我們的學生 , 你們的子弟 , 都可以有豐盛的人生 , 錦繡的前程 .

最后 , 祝大家身體健康 , 生活愉快 . 多謝

Principal’s speech on last school day dated 10th July 2008  

Good morning teachers and students,  

Today marks the last school day of the year and I must congratulate you all on completing one year of stud ies . At the same time, on behalf of the school, I must thank our teachers for helping our students to strive for excellence over the past year. To show our appreciation, please give our teachers a big hand. Thank you.  

At the beginning of the school year, you were reminded by the school to set goals and plans for the new school year. Now, it is time for reflection . W e must look back and learn from the past to plan for a better future. No matter how good or how bad your academic performance is , you have to face the reality and take action for remedy or advancement.  

Remember , the world today is so dynamic and competitive that we need to be equipped with more knowledge and skill s for coping with change. T herefore you should make the best use of your summer vacation. A fter you have received your report cards, do spare some time on self-evaluation. Consider your strengths and weaknesses seriously . Then set up your goal and draw out a feasible summer timetable to achieve it . You should do this immediately because time is short and it will not stop because of our hesitation. After your summer timetable has been planned, do take action accordingly. Please be reminded the key to success is to have a strong determination to achieve your goal set in your plan. We believe you will look different after the summer vacation and your future will become brighter.  

Finally, wish you all a meaningful summer vacation.  

Thank you.

Principal's sharing in the morning assembly dated 26th May 2008

各位老師 , 各位同學 ,

大家早晨 , 今早想跟大家分享一些對今年德育及公民教育的主題 - 正面思考 , 身份認同的感想 .

首先 , 正面思考應該不是一個難明的詞句 , 內容包含了我們平日做人的一般價值觀 , 例如堅毅 , 樂觀 , 珍惜 , 承擔 , 尊重及關愛等等 . 通過一連串的活動 , 學校期望大家做人要意志堅定 , 要勇敢 , 要有毅力 , 要敢於接受挑戰 , 即使面對困難和挫折的時刻 , 仍會努力不懈 , 一往直前向目標進發 , 並且經得起時間考驗 , 亦永不言棄 . 學校亦期望大家明白 , 人生中的親情 , 快樂和幸福並非垂手可得 , 並非理所當然的 , 希望大家都要熱愛生命 , 要珍惜 , 要接受和懂得感激自己擁有的一切 , 並希望大家推己及人 , 主動關懷身邊的人 , 亦希望大家推己及物 , 不再浪費 , 並樂意作出捐獻和付出服務 .

正面思考外 , 為什麼又要身份認同呢 ? 身份認同可以說是我們做人的意義 , 是我們推動內心價值觀的動力 , 個人的生命 , 不外乎數十寒暑 , 個人的得失 , 不外乎過眼雲煙 , 但認同了我們是屬於一個家庭 , 一間學校 , 一個團體 , 一個社區 , 一個國家的一份子 , 我們就有永恒的感覺 , 我們就知道為什麼我們要努力 , 所謂家事 , 國事 , 天下事 , 事事關心 . 為了我們的家庭 , 學校 , 社會 , 國家及全人類的福祉而努力 , 再辛苦亦不怕 , 任它困難再大 , 無論得失如何 , 我們都可以心安理得 .

各位同學 , 相信大家不會忘記 , 為了使大家明白上述的道理 , 大家曾經在今學年過去早會中聽到的一些身體力行的故事 , 分享者包括 7A 劉瑞麟 ,2C紀翰 ,3A 鄭浩杰 ,4B 麥謙君 ,4E 蘇瑋忠 , 余啟冬老師 , 黃德誠老師 , 還有循循善誘的關玉燕老師和麥太麥謝家佩老師等人 , 希望大家一齊給他們一些致謝的掌聲 . 謝謝大家 .

最後 , 期望大家理解到關懷自己的家人 , 自己的朋友 , 同學 , 老師及大家的學校陳瑞祺喇沙書院 , 大家的社區 , 香港和大家的國家 , 中國 , 是大家不可推卸的責任 , 希望大家不去計較個人的利益 , 為了家庭 , 學校 , 社會國家的福祉而齊心協力 , 使大家的生活可以更加豐盛 , 大家的生命可以更加精采 . 謝謝大家 .

Principal's sharing in morning assembly dated 2nd April 2008

Good morning, dear fellow CSK Lasallians.

Do you remember what happened during our last Easter Service in the school hall. In that service, Brother David, our guest facilitator asked us a question : What do the three letters :CSK; shown on the banner in our covered playground stand for ? However, some students showed hesitation when answering his question. Therefore, I would like to explain the meaning of that banner to all of you now.

The banner is telling us about the vision and mission of our school. The statue of La Salle represents our heritage of Lasallian vision in education. Our Lasallian vision in education is touching hearts. It means we are going to touch the hearts of our students and to inspire them with our Lasallian or Christian spirit. The school hopes every student would eventually be capable of developing their potentials to the fullest through our Lasallian spirit that centers on faith, zeal and community.

Secondly, the three letters CSK reflect the current school mission. To achieve our school vision, the current school mission is committed to providing high quality human education for the whole-person development of our students. We believe our mission will be realized if our school becomes a Learning Community in which our teachers and students work together in pursuit of knowledge for the sake of serving people. Therefore, we use the letter C to stand for Learning Community, S to stand for Serving People and K to stand for Acquiring Knowledge.

Together , the banner which writes La Salle CSK means:Through our shared Lasallian spirit, we are forming a learning community in which we work together for acquiring knowledge and aim ultimately for serving people.

Finally, I hope everyone of you will have a better understanding of the school vision and mission.Thank you.

Principal's remarks on OBA Annual Dinner dated 15th March 2008

Mr. Chris Lau, Brother Lawrence, honorable guests, fellow old boys, fellow teachers and students. 

Firstly, on behalf of the school, we appreciate and thank Mr. Chris Lau, the chairman of the Old Boys’ Association and the OBA Committee members for their hard work and time spent gathering us to have such a grand dinner in CSK. Thank you.  

Secondly, on behalf of the school, we appreciate and welcome all the past teachers and old boys who are sitting here tonight. Your presence is certainly the warmest gift the school receives this year because it shows we never forget that we are all CSK Lasallians.  

CSK Lasallians might be a new term to some of you. I was told by some very senior old boys, especially those of 1970’s that CSK is not an affiliate of La Salle College and they preferred to call them just CSK boys. This is a confusion of identity and so sometimes some outsiders mistook us as a non-Lasallian school. Recently, an old boy, Mr. William Sin of 1981 has sent a letter to us and has made some good points about our identity as follows:  

La Salle Brothers are the source of education to our school, as well as to the other Lasallian schools in Hong Kong. This means an equal identity should exist among the CSK Lasallians, La Salle Lasallians, Chong Gene Hang Lasallians, St. Joseph’s Lasallians, De La Salle Lasallians and many other Lasallians. With this identity, we ought to be proud because we are members of a mighty Lasallian family that currently runs educational establishments of various types and sizes in some 80 countries of the world. It is therefore, when we cheer “CSK “or when we cheer “ We are Lasallians” ,we mean the identity of CSK La Salle at the same time.  

Today, the school hoisted a banner to show our vision and mission in the middle session of our covered playground. On the banner, there is a picture of La Salle which implies Lasallian spirits such as faith, zeal and community are the guiding principles in nurturing our students. We use C to stand for Learning Community, S for Serving People and K for Acquiring Knowledge. Overall, we mean we would use the Lasallian spirits of touching hearts to make our school a Learning Community where our students would keep on Acquiring Knowledge and aim at Serving People at all times.  

The above interpretation of CSK La Salle is a result of consultation among the teachers and some old boys. Special thanks must be given to the person who has initiated the ideas to the school, Mr. Toby Chow, the chairman of the CSKOBF. Thank you.  

Today, CSK La Salle is facing the challenges of the modern education reform and the school needs the support of all stakeholders, especially old boys. As mentioned by Brother Thomas Lavin in our Prize-giving Day of 2006 that every one would “Yam Shui See Yuen.” and never forget the source of drinking water one had drunk. It is with such a noble tradition, our dearest old boys and CSK La Salle could never be separated. Once a CSK Lasallian, forever a CSK Lasallian. Today your success in the community is an honor to your alma mater and your presence tonight indicates clearly that all of you do not forget the water you have drunk when you were young.  

The school welcomes you at all times because the school belongs to every one of us. On behalf of the school, we invite you all to work with us hand in hand to provide the best education for our students.  

Finally, wish you peace and joy in the year of Rat.  

Thank you.

Principal's welcome speech on PTA's Annual Dinner dated 1st March 2008

各位嘉賓 , 各位家長 , Brother Lawrence, 各位老師和同學 :

大家晚安 .

首先代表學校 , 歡迎大家出席今晚的盛會 , 亦代表所有老師 , 多謝家教會今晚的款待 , 今晚的春茗特別有意義 , 是家教會成立十週年的誌慶 , 十年來家教會對學校貢獻良多 , 十年來家長委員 , 家長義工 , 莫不盡心盡力 , 成為 學校教導學生的重要伙伴 .今日的家教會 ,己發展成為有理念 ,有計劃及可以持續運作的組織 ,所以 ,請求大家一齊向在座的前家長委員 ,前老師委員及現任家教會成員鼓掌致敬 .多謝大家 .

其次 ,亦代表學校向所有老師 ,家長及同學致謝 ,因為有了大家的共同努力 ,大家的學校 ,才可以成為良好的學習團隊 ,才可以成為追求智識的地方 ,亦才可以使我們的學生都具有服務社羣的遠大志向 .

最後 ,祝大家鼠年身壯力健 ,萬事如意 .多謝 .

School Report on Annual Speech Day dated 23rd November 2007

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Welcome speech on Annual Academic Prize-giving Ceremony dated 23rd November 2007

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2007-08 家教會週年大會校長講稿 (13/10/2007)

各位家長 , 各位老師及各位同學 .

大家午安 .

首先多謝大家在百忙之中 , 特別抽出時間出席今天的聚會 , 不過今次的聚會是佰值得大家參予的 , 因為通過今次的聚會 , 家長和老師們會再接再勵地成為教育夥伴 . 將承先啓后地為我們的學生 , 大家的子弟的前途而努力 .  

相信大家都清楚 , 今日的社會 , 正以極速發展前進 , 智識和生活技能 , 日日都在更新和改變 , 所以今日的教育改革 , 跟我們學校的傳統一樣 , 是一場以學生為本的改革 , 學校希望教出懂得做人 , 懂得自學 , 懂得終生學習的學生 . 我們學校深信每個學生皆有不同的潛能 , 需要給以不同的發展機會 , 我們亦深信 , 一種潛能的發展 , 亦可以帶動學生在其他潛能的進步 , 所謂殊途同歸 , 假以時日 , 我們的學生 , 在學校喇沙精神的薰陶之下 , 最終可以成為具德行的文武全人 ..  

過去幾年 , 為了要完成我們的信念 , 除了我們的老師全力以赴之外 , 更加得到家長們 , 特別是家教會的家長委員的大力支援 , 譬如學習上的安排 , 課室和校園多處的設施 , 都因此而得到改善 , 使我們的學生 , 大家的子弟更加樂以學習 , 善以溝通 , 勇以承擔 , 及敢以創新 . 所以謹邀請大家給我們的老師 , 家教會的委員和大家自己一些多謝的掌聲 . 謝謝 .

最後 , 謹代表學校 , 衷心向上一屆及今屆的家教會的老師和家長委員致敬 , 並祝在座各位身體健康 , 生活愉快 . 多謝大家 .

Message on the S.A. Handover Ceremony dated 9th October 2007

Dear teachers and students,

Good morning.

Today the school is excited because here we stand together to witness the handover of the Student Association Cabinet 2006 to the Cabinet 2007. The handover ceremony might be short, yet this moment is great for it shows us that our students are capable of continuing the legacy of the school.

Dear fellow students, CSK legacy is a collection of good practices since the year 1969 when our school was founded. It includes touching hearts as our vision and Christian or human education as our mission. Most importantly, our legacy is full of our Lasallian spirit of faith, zeal and community which leads our boys to become brave, fearless, true and kind.

The work of continuing our legacy is not that easy and we need students to work in unity. Therefore the main duty of the Student Association is to help in uniting our students to move forward in both games and studies.  

Last week, we were impressed by the promises of our new SA Cabinet, Glory and we deeply believe the members of the new Cabinet are boys of capability and would be able to serve the school as good as the promises made in their promotional activities. We also believe they are true lasallians and will help to make all of us stay together in harmony and will help the school to move towards a glorious learning community.  

At the same time, we also have to thank all the 2006 cabinet members because they did a very good job in the past year. They are also true Lasallians since they successfully helped the school to move towards excellence.  

Therefore, to show our appreciation and gratitude to all the members of the two S.A. cabinets, let us give them a big hand.

Thank you.

Message on Prefects' Tie-giving Ceremony dated 11th September 2007

Dear teachers and students

Good morning

Today we are all here to honour the prefects of our school. Prefects are very important persons in a school because they are senior boys who have been authorized to help in maintaining good discipline in the school. When good discipline is achieved, all teachers and students would find an effective and efficient teaching and learning environment.

 However, to become a school prefect, one must be prepared to serve others and to give up some of his leisure time. On the other hand, one will learn a lot about leadership and team spirit. CSK is a school aiming at training leaders for serving people and we expect all prefects would become good leaders in the future.

 If we look back at the work of prefects last year, we will not forget their support in running so many academic, extra-curricular and sports activities. Their performance helped CSK to advance in stability. Most importantly, they showed to every one they are CSK Lasallians with good spirits of faith, zeal and community. Therefore may I invite you all to join me and give them a big hand.

Thank you.

 Now, in this school year, we have another team to takeover the duties of prefects. On behalf of the school, I am here to thank them whole-heartedly. The school deeply believes they are boys of courage and are able to continue the legacy of CSK. . We have great confidence that they would help CSK to leap forward and make CSK a good learning community. Finally, may I invite you all again to join me to give them a big hand.

Thank you.

Message on school opening day dated 3rd September 2007

Good morning, Brother Lawrence, our school supervisor and CSK Lasallians,

Today is the first day of the new school year and I am very much delighted to welcome you all back to school.

Firstly, it is my pleasure to introduce our new teachers to you and they are:

To show our warmest welcome, please join me to give them a big hand. Thank you.

The first day is important as it means a new start for every one of us and it is time to set goals and plans to achieve our goals. We believe every person has potential to be successful. However, potential is not the main factor. The keys to success are a clear and realistic goal and a strong determination to achieve the goal.

Dear fellow students,


where students should aim at ACQUIRING KNOWLEDGE


So, please set your learning goals and make a plan, which balance your time for learning, service and games. Most importantly, be persistent and continue to strive for your goals although this is difficult.

Some of you might have noticed that now there are a lot of new facilities on campus. For example, a lot of new display boards, a new St. De La Salle Statute, a new school library, a new biology laboratory, a new canteen, new classroom computers, new toilets, new benches and many others.

In fact, during the past summer holidays, with the hard work of our teachers, office and janitor staff, a better learning environment has been created. To show our appreciation, please join me to give them a big hand. Thank you.

Lastly, CSK is a school of prestige and we feel proud to look back at the achievements of our old boys and current students. Please be united under our Lasallian spirit- faith, zeal and community. I believe we will continue our legacy and make a greater success in future.

Thank you.

Speech of Welcome on F.1 Induction Day dated 23rd August 2007

各位家長 , 老師和同學 .

大家好 .

首先多謝大家參加今天的聚會 , 今天的聚會非常重要 , 是家長與學校第一次正式溝通的聚會 . 亦代表學校和家長開始了互相合作的過程 , 學校期望好的開始 , 可以幫助中一同學適應未來的課程 , 使他們在今天教育改革過程中獲得最大的福祉 .

再其次多謝大家對我們學校的信任 , 肯將貴子弟送交我們的老師去教導 , 不過請大家放心 , 陳瑞祺喇沙書院的老師都是充滿愛心的老師 , 本著喇沙會的辦學理念和學校傳統的信德 , 熱誠和團隊精神 , 我們正朝着學習型組織的方向前進 , 我們的校園 , 近年來增添了很多教學設施, 所以學校可以全方位推行多元化的全人教育 , 相信不同潛能的學生 , 都有學習發展的機會 ,

最後 , 我們期望我們的同學 , 日後不單只智識技能有所提高 , 亦可具備正面積極的人生價值觀 , 最終可以成為服務社會優秀的人才 , 但是要達到這種種的期望 , 學校極需家長的支援 , 所以非常歡迎在座的家長與學校多作溝通 , 希望通過衷心的家校協作 , 我們的學生 , 你們的子弟 , 都可以有豐盛的人生 , 錦綉的前程 . 多謝 .

Message dated 6th June 2007

, 各位同學 ,

大家早晨 , 本年度學校德育及公民教育的主題是尊重他人 . 一年來 , 應該有大約二十多位老師 , 學生 , 飯堂及學校其他教職員跟大家分享了尊重他人的感受和心得 , 請大家先給他們一些多謝的掌聲 …… 謝謝 .

其實尊重他人 , 就是我們喇沙學校基督教育的精髓 , 尊重他人 , 亦其實是人本教育的起點 , 無論是基督或人本教育 , 都深信凡人皆有尊嚴 , 人的尊嚴有受尊重的優先權利 , 不可侮辱 , 我們要別人尊重自己的尊嚴 , 亦應該待人如己 , 對別人的尊嚴有所尊重 . 由此 , , 我們亦認同了一些做人的基本行為 , 譬如有禮貌 , 負責任 , 講道理 , 認事實和信守承諾等等 , 亦由於我們建立了這些做人的價值觀 , 我們才有判斷是非 , 辨別善惡的標準 , 跟從這些價值觀處事待人 , 我們就可有所為有所不為了 .

各位同學 , 今日的世界是多元化的世界 , 有很多不同文化 , 不同背景 , 不同工作 , 不同生活習慣的人相聚在一起 , 要避免衝突 , 要和而不同 , 我們更應該要互相尊重 , 互相包容 , 這樣 , 我們的人生才可以享受到真正的和平和喜樂 .

再給大家一些意見 , 要做到真正的互相尊重 , 除了包容之外 , 更要懂得控制自己的衝動 , 將心比心 , 同學們若時常設身處地 , 了 解老師 , 工友 , 朋友和其他人的感受 , 校園內也會越趨和諧 , 充滿祥和快樂的氣氛 . 最後 , 祝大家有一個開心快樂的校園生活 . 謝謝大家 .

Welcome speech on La Salle Feast Day Celebration dated 10th May 2007

Father Marciano, Brother Patrick, Brother Lawrence, Dr. Ambrose Wong, CSK Lasallians and friends,

Good morning.

Today is a day of gratefulness.

Firstly, we are grateful to have all of you here. Together we celebrate the Feast Day of St. John Baptist de La Salle. Thank you for your company.

Secondly, we are grateful to our teachers and parents of our students who work so hard to help our students to make improvement.

Thirdly, we are also grateful to our students who reward the school by becoming persons of integrity and persons willing to serve others.

We are also grateful to our Lasallian Brothers who give us the Lasallian spirit of faith, zeal and community.

With the Lasallian spirit, our old boys never stop their love to their alma mater. We are grateful to their continuing support to the school. Most importantly, we are grateful to their distinguished achievements in the community which made our school a star in the halls of fame.

In particular, we are grateful to Dr. Ambrose Wong Hok Ming who named this hall as the "Hall of Gratitude". Dr. Wong is a F.7 graduate of 1971 and is now a famous medical doctor in Hong Kong. It is our greatest honor that Dr. Wong will later share some of his warmest stories with us. Thank you, Dr. Wong.

Next, I wish to express my heartiest thanks to Reverend Father Marciano who will lead us in the blessing ceremony of our new building. I also must thank Brother Patrick, Mr. Lee Hoi Leung, Mr. Davie Ma, Mr. Peter Lui, Mr. Chris Lau and Mr. Tam Lut-ming, who will jointly officiate at the opening ceremony of the new function rooms.

Finally, I would like to extend my best wishes and warmest congratulations to my colleagues and students who have made today a successful day of gratefulness.

Thank you.

Message dated 20th March 2007

Good morning, dear teachers and Sui Ki boys,

This morning, the school is proud to announce that we had a very outstanding performance in the Inter-school Division I Athletic Meet during the last few weeks. In the Wan Chai Sports Ground, our students, old boys, parents and teachers had showed our great CSK spirits to the others. What are our CSK spirits? They are just Lasallian spirits – community, faith and zeal. Our school athletic teams, our cheering students and our devoted teachers appeared as the most united Community in those few days. In our cheers, we showed to everyone that we are red CSK Lasallians and red is not just a bright color but also a color of strength and power. With such strength and power, we believe you would manage your time wisely and be excellent in both games and studies. We also believe you will have every success in the coming uniform test.

Finally, may I invite all of you to have a big hand for our school. Thank you

Message dated 22nd January 2007

各位老師 , 各位同學 ,

大家早 , 今天是我們學校第一次舉辦普通話週的日子 , 所以選擇用普通話給大家一些信息 :

剛過去的禮拜六 , 我們學校輸了三場不同的校際比賽 , 分別是中文辯論 , 英文辯論和乙組足球比賽 , 我知道許多參賽的同學都很難過 , 但大家必須明白 , 凡比賽一定有輸贏 , 而輸嬴並不能由我們自己全部控制 , 所以輸並不等於失敗 , 贏亦不等於成功 , 失敗或成功 , 應等於我們比賽前和比賽時所付出的努力程度 , 假如大家已經盡了努力 , 雖輸亦是成功 , 相反雖贏亦是失敗 , 所以大家可以輸 , 但不應該失敗 . 不過一次或無數次的失敗 , 亦不等於一生的失敗 , 我們的失敗 , 是因為我們不盡力 , 所以如果失敗後 , 我們並不放棄 , 重新努力 , 就等於我們並不失敗 , 等於成功在望了 . 所以 , 希望大家不要太注重輸贏 , 亦不要怕失敗 , 只有永不放棄 , 永遠努力 , 便可以走上成功之道 .

剛過去的三場校際比賽 , 我看到了顧問老師和參賽同學的盡心盡力 , 在這裏代表學校向他們祝賀 , 因為他們都成功了 .

謝謝大家 .

Message dated 19 th January 2007

Good morning, dear teachers and students

This morning I like to share with you some of my experience in cleanliness.

Cleanliness means dirty things to be put at their right places e.g. litters in the litter bins, empty dishes in the collection boxes, dirty waste in the waste collection containers. Why should we put these dirty things at their right places? Everyone understands it would then lead us to a healthy and good learning environment. However, despite the advantages we will enjoy, it is a pity that our school, especially our school canteen has long been known as a place of rubbish. Dear teachers and students, this is not an honour but an insult to all of us. We will be known as rubbish if we were in the canteen.

Many teachers and students had pointed out that the problem can be solved simply by self-service - that means everyone cleans his own rubbish after eating or drinking. Yet, it is a surprise that some of us are not willing to clean our own rubbish after eating and drinking. Is such a feeling common in other countries, other schools or just in CSK?

Last Thursday, I was in Chan Sui Ki ( La Salle) Primary School during their lunch hours. I saw that your youngest brothers and sisters, some of them must be just six years’ old, though walking slowly but happily in bringing their empty dishes to the collection containers. They put by themselves the dirty things at their right places without uncomfortable feeling. Their school campus appears as so clean and so good for studies and games.

I had been to school canteens in some other countries and the Mainland China, I found that students there also put by themselves their dirty thing at their right places automatically and regard that as one of their civic duties..

Can CSK be as good as the others? Can CSK students help our school clean and tidy? Can we help in rubbing off the name of “Rubbish Canteen”, ”Rubbish Campus” from our school? Can we some days later tell our friends proudly that CSK is a clean campus and has a clean canteen?

Dear fellow colleagues and students, let us start from today onwards, remind each other and take action on putting dirty things at their right places and hope all of us will enjoy a good learning environment in CSK.

Thank you.

Welcome speech at Building Naming Ceremony dated 3 January 2007

Good morning, our guest of honour, Dr. Dennis Yip Chi Kwong , Mr. Chan King Luen, Rev. Brothers, friends and fellow CSK Lasallians,

Today is a warmest day in the history of CSK because we are all here to witness the success of Lasallian education in CSK. In 1969, the Lasallian brothers founded our school and they had a dream as stated in our old school song – What though the odds be great or small, CSK will win over all while her loyal sons go marching onward to victory. In 1976, the dream was restated in our new school song and it reads as follow - So that in the halls of fame, now and in the life before us, we shall ring thy name. So let’s stay together one in harmony, one in fellowship forever, boys of Chan Sui Ki.

After about 37 years, today we are proud to say our dream comes true because many of our graduates are now distinguished professionals or successful entrepreneurs in the community. They have shown to the world that CSK is their mother school and boys here after graduation will remain brave, fearless, true and kind in serving the community. However, we are even prouder that they never forget the source of the water they drank when they were students in CSK. They regard themselves as indivisible members of our CSK Lasallian family and have great expectation on our current staff and students. In order to help our school development, most of them never hesitate in giving us support in manpower, material and financial resources.

Today is the first school day in the year of 2007 and we are here to thank Dr. Felix Yip Chi-ming, a graduate of 1972 for his generosity in donating a million Hong Kong dollars to CSK. We thank Dr. Yip not just because of his generous donation, but also mostly for his love and care to CSK. To show our appreciation and our determination that we will not disappoint our elder brothers, please join me to give a big hand to Dr. Yip and his family.

Thank you and wish you a happy new year.

Principal's Annual Report for 2005-06 on Speech Day (24 th Nov.2006)

Our guest of honor, Mr. Kwok, Reverend Brothers, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is our greatest honor to have Mr. Kwok, the Government Economist to officiate at our Annual Speech Day 2006. We are also very grateful to have the company of all of you this afternoon particularly friends from other schools who should be very busy in November every year.

The school year 2005-2006 was a very special year because both the vice principals, Mr.Or Chun Ching and Mr.Wong Kwok Chuen and I were new to our official posts. However, with the support from and concerted effort of our staff and students, we were able to maintain our good tradition in providing our students with an all-round education that includes areas of moral, academic, physical, social and aesthetic development.

Academically, our F.7 students have achieved a good pass result of 88.4% in total subject entries including 27.4% being awarded credits or distinctions in the Hong Kong A-Level Examination. The passing percentages of Use of English and Chinese Language and Culture were both 98.3%. About 80% of our F.7 students has been admitted to local universities and tertiary institutions. The best two students were Tse Kiu Cheung and Chan Kar Shun. Both of them obtained 3 distinctions in the A-Level examination.

In the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination, our F.5 students also achieved a satisfactory pass result of 84.1% in total subject entries including 24.6% attaining credits or distinctions. The average passing percentage of the three core subjects namely, English, Chinese and Mathematics was 90.1%. The best student, Ho Wai Tat., obtained 7 distinctions.

Congratulations to all graduates and we believe you will achieve better after graduation because you are Lasallians and have a spirit of faith, zeal and community.

Besides academic performance, CSK students continued to excel in many extra-curricular activities In sports, last year, overall we came second in the Division One Inter-school Cross Country Competition , first in the Division Two Inter-school Swimming Competition , second in the Division Two Inter-school Football Competition . third in the Division One Inter-school Badminton A-Grade Competition and second in the Division Two Inter-school Table-tennis C-Grade Competition. Taking into consideration of our overall sports achievements, we were ranked eighth among all Hong Kong schools in the Bank of China Hong Kong Bauhinia Bowls.

Apart from sports, our students are talented in many other areas. To mention a few, last year , a large number of students took part in the Hong Kong Music & Speech Festivals and were awarded with many prizes .In an Inter-school Youth Smoking Prevention Display Board Design Competition, among 137 schools, we won the Best Design Award in Hong Kong Area and the first runner-up Design Award in Hong Kong, Zhu Hai and Macau Area. In an inter-school short video taking competition, our students made a short film entitled :Never Give Up; and were awarded the second prize. The film is a true story about the life of Li Chun Lok, a Form 2 boy studying in CSK. In recognition of his positive life attitude, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group presented the Felix Wong Youth Improvement Award 2006 to Li Chun Lok. Moreover, a group of sixth formers won the second prize in the 2006 Secondary School Bridge Design Competition and several Physics students won a second honor award and a third honor award in the Hong Kong Physics Olympiad.

As far as social service is concerned, last year, our students from Prefects・ Board, Red Cross, Scouts, Community Youth Club and Voluntary Services Group served actively in many different sectors of the community. They have received many awards and showed to the public that CSK boys are persons of integrity and are eager to serve others. Forexample, it was an honor that our 205 Kowloon Scout Group was selected by the HKSAR government to serve in the Flag Hoisting Ceremony on 1 st July 2006 in the Golden Bauhinia Square because of their outstanding achievements in the years.

Last year, in order to strengthen the generic skills and positive life values of our students, a number of talks, exhibitions, visits, and other cultural activities were organized. For example, we had a Moral & Civic Education Exhibition, a Project Learning Exhibition, an Art Exhibition and a Health Dual Week.. Besides, we joined the :Harmony in Diversity Scheme; organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and many students were led to respect people of different religions and cultures.Secondly, in order to widen the learning experience of our students, there was a summer study tour leading some students to Auckland , New Zealand. Furthermore, a few distinguished guests such as Mr.Lo Kwun Ting, a famous singer, Dr. Chow Siu Cheung ,an environmental scholar, Mr. Chan Sau Yin, a renowned writer were invited to give impressive educational talks to our students.

Aiming at providing the best educational programs for our students, we started a fund-raising campaign in March last year. With the generous donation from our friends, old boys, parents and students, we now have a new chapel where everyone could find peace and joy. We also have a re-furnished English Learning Centre and now our students could learn English in a more comfortable environment. Next, together with the support of the EMB Quality Education Fund, there is a newly furnished Media Production Centre for making films in our school campus..

Achievements in CSK could not have been made without our devoted and efficient teachers. Apart from normal lesson duties, our teachers gave up a lot of their leisure time to attend different professional development courses. .Last year, 27 teachers completed the program of Development of Language Across the Curriculum for English-medium Education monitored by the Quality Assurance Division of EMB and 5 Integrated Humanities teachers participated in the Partnership for Improvement of Learning and Teaching Project organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Finally, to conclude my report, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to every member of CSK.. I am deeply indebted to all of my colleagues who worked so hard with me in the past year. My gratitude is also extended to our Lasallian brothers, members of the Lasallian Education Council, the Old Boys・ Association, the Old Boys・ Foundation Fund Ltd. and the Parent-teacher Association for their unceasing support. I sincerely wish everyone, good health and happiness.

Thank you.

Principal's Speech on Academic Prize-giving Ceremony (Junior Forms) dated 24 th November 2006

Dear teachers and students,

Good morning.

Welcome to our academic prize-giving ceremony. The ceremony is very important because apart from recognition of the achievement of the prize-winners, it is also an opportunity for every student to have a reflection on his academic studies.

To my knowledge, usually, at the beginning of a school year, most students would have made up many daily, weekly, monthly, half-yearly or yearly plans for their studies. You might have set for yourself a target, a timetable and a living style because you believed you would achieve what you have planned at the end of the school year. However, everything is easier to have a good starting than to have a good ending. Now, many of you may not be happy because the results in your report cards did not match with what you had planned and yet you believe you have potential and should do better.

What is your potential? Have you ever had any self-analysis and found out your own talents? In CSK, we have greatest confidence that all of you should have potential in both studies and games. We deeply believe you should be able to excel in both academic and non-academic activities. However potential must be cultivated or it will diminishes. In fact, potentials borne by nature only vary to a very small extent among different people. People・s achievement depends mainly on how much effort one has put in developing his potential. For example, have you made good use of time so that you will not miss any opportunity in learning? Have you tried your best to correct your own weaknesses such as laziness or playing too much computer games? If yes are your answers, then you should have no regret no matter how good or how bad your results are.

Dear fellow students, your future world would be one that requires much knowledge, much IT skills, much creative ideas and most important, a very strong mind to face challenges. So, you have to prepare well before you graduate from CSK. Please never give up because it is never too late to continue or re-start your determination and action plans.

Finally, be reminded that the school is at your side and all CSK teachers are working with you just because you are their students. So, before I end my speech, please give a big hand to show our appreciation to our teachers.

Thank you.

“Book Recommendation ” by Principal in morning assembly dated 8 th November 2006

各位老師 , 各位同學 ,

今早想給大家推介一本好書 .------ 書名是 與青年人談全人教育 , 作者是城大高彥鳴教授 .

全人教育是今日教改的口號 , 但同義的名詞其實就是一般學校傳統上所稱呼的五育並重或均衡教育 , 不過叫口號容易 , 困難的則是學校應該如何提供五育活動 , 同學又應該如何配合學校所提供的五育活動而最後真正可以具備五育的修為呢 ?

本書總共分 為 三部份 , 第一部份主要是幫老師 , 亦幫青年人了解全人教育的概念 , 指出教育必需是學生為本 , 但老師有必要為同學製定高質素的學習成果作為教育過程的目標 , 使同學畢業時都具備國際競爭力的水平 . 為此 , 老師的責任 , 不單是專科智識的教授 . 亦要引導同學們學習做人的其他技巧和正面的做人態度 . 這部份的內容比較理論 , 同學們其實可以先跳讀第二及第三部份 .

本書的第二部份 , 共列出作者給青年人的十三篇講詞 , 內容主要是指出影嚮青年人未來社會環境的因素 , 同學們想要屆時保持與其他人士的競爭優勢 , 就必需在目前的學校內 , 盡力學做學問 , 學做事及學做人 . 內容根据同學生活經歷發揮 , 講詞親切和善 , 並提出相關學做學問 , 學做事及學做人的具體方法 . 讀後有心靈被觸動的感覺 .

本書最後的部份 , 則有作者二十篇給同學亦給老師參考的如何配合目前全人教育的具體方法指南 , 譬加如何訂立方向目標 , 如何建立信心 , 如何管理時間等等 , 內容涉及同學們平日經常會碰到的心態困境 , 讀後使人有所反思 , 亦可對自己未來有更好的預算 .

最後 , 希望大家有時間 , 除了閱讀本書之外 , 對其他有益的課外書刊 , 亦多加翻閱 , 以實踐從閱讀中學習的精柛 .



2006- 07 年 家教會週年大會校長講詞 (21/10/06)

各位家長 , 同事及同學 ,

首先代表學校 , 向大家說句多謝 , 多謝大家今天的出席 , 多謝大家對家長及教師夥伴關係的認同 . 今天社會的發展 , 教導學生的工作 , 學校需要家長的支援 , 才可以施行全人教育 , 使我們的學生 , 大家的子弟 , 可以參與多元化的學習經歷 , 可以獲得個別差異的關顧 , 最終啟發每位學生的各種潛能 , 成為具德行 , 具才能及智識的社會楝樑 .

其次 , 亦代表學校 , 衷心向上一屆家教會的委員致謝 , 因為他們的努力和支持 , 我們的學生才有更多各具意義的活動 , 譬如母親節心意咭製作 , 喇沙青年領袖訓綀營 , 中五學生英語週末班等等 .

再其次 , 亦代表學校 , 衷心向今屆接任的家教會委員致謝 , 多謝他們的承擔 , 相信在他們的領導之下 , 今屆家教會的活動 , 必定薪火相傳 , 使我們的學生 , 大家的子弟更多得益 .

最后 , 謹邀請大家一齊用熱烈的掌聲向上一屆及今屆的委員致意 . 多謝 .

Principal’s message on OBA Annual Dinner dated 13 th October 2006

Good evening, Mr. Chris Lau, Bro. Lawrence, Ladies and Gentlemen,

May I begin by thanking the chairperson of CSKOBA, Mr. Chris Lau for inviting me to attend tonight’s gathering. It is also my greatest honour to have a chance to meet all of you, old boys of Chan Sui Ki ( La Salle) College.

Today CSK is moving very fast and many of you may not be aware of the changes in your Alma Mater.

Firstly, starting from this year, we have a clear written statement of school vision and mission which shows us the direction of our school education. Our vision is simply “ Touching hearts.”. Our mission is the human and Christian education of youth with particular care for the poor or needy”.

Secondly, starting from this year, we have put down three major concerns for the development of our school in the coming years and they are:

Thirdly, our new school annex project was completed last year, providing us with more rooms for educational purposes. Most of the new rooms had been equipped with standardized furniture and equipment to facilitate teaching and learning for the benefits of our students. To mention but a few, we have

a new Campus ‘TV Centre at the ninth floor of the new annex for production of audio-visual programmes and a new chapel at the 6 th floor where everyone could find peace and joy inside.

Fourthly, we have set up a special committee– the Old Boys’ Affairs Committee to help the school to keep in good contact with you, our old boys. It is our belief, once a CSK student, a lifelong a CSK old boy and a lifelong partner of CSK.. We hope you will continue to support your alma mater whenever possible.

Finally, thank you for your patience and wish you all a good health and a happy life.

Message from the Principal dated 1 st September 2006

Good morning, teachers and students,

Welcome back to school.

We are pleased to find that all of you look so healthy and energetic on the first school day. As we are aware, first school days are critical to the success of the work in a year. We, therefore, must treasure our first school days and prepare for ourselves a SMART plan which is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

During the past summer holidays, our school was not an empty school. Many extra-curricular activities, academic programmes and supplementary lessons were held at different places on or off our school campus.

Fellow CSK students, let us take this opportunity to thank our teachers and staff who worked very hard in the summer vacation creating a good learning environment and laying a solid foundation for the new school year. Please join me to give our teachers and staff a big hand. Thank you.

This year , 7 new teachers and a new school social worker join our big family. Now, it is my pleasure to introduce them to you one by one:

The first one is Ms. Mak Suet Fun, a teacher of English and Religious Studies.

The second one is Ms. Leung Suk Yee, a teacher of Biology.

The third one is Ms. Tang On Ni, a teacher of English & Integrated Science.

The fourth one is Mr. Chiu Ngok Hei, a teacher of Music & Chinese History.

The fifth one is Mr. Yeung Wai Ho, a teacher of Chinese & Putonghua.

The sixth one is Mr Liu Chi Leung, a teacher of Computer subjects and Mathematics.

The seventh one is Mr. Lo Wai Yip, a teacher of Mathematics & Computer subjects.

Lastly, our new school social worker, Mr. Ma Wan Tung.

Dear CSK Lasallians, based on our school vision, touching hearts, let us continue our legacy and we are expecting every member of the school will strive for excellence in the years ahead.

Finally, on behalf of the school, I wish you all a year of success and happiness.

Thank you.

Principal’s Message on F.1 Induction Day

各位家長 , 各位同事 , 各位同學 ,

首先代表學校 , 多謝大家出席今天的迎新活動 , 相信透過今次的活動 , 家長及同學將充份了解學校的運作 , 亦明白學校對同學的期望 , 我們期望我們的學生在大家的努力下 ,能

1. 彼此尊重及關顧 ,

2. 面對轉變及挑戰時 , 能互相合作 ,

3. 對學習產生喜愛 , 能堅持終身學習及全方位學習的理念

4. 承擔對本地及世界社區福祉發展的責任

5. 堅持身心健康的生活方式 ,

6. 建立對學校及喇沙大家庭的歸屬感

各位家長 , 各位同事 , 各位同學 , 今天的社會變化速度極快 , 要實現我們對同學的期望 , 需要大家一齊協作 , 本?助人亦助己的精神 , 希望大家一齊努力 , 使陳瑞祺喇沙的學生 , 最終都成為社會的棟樑 , 謝謝大家


Message from the Principal on 21 st February 2006

Good morning.

The school announced two special incidents yesterday. The first is the start of our School Development Fund-raising campaign. The second is the death of a F.3 student. The two incidents seem against each other in the implication of life. The School Development Fund-raising campaign shows a life with hope for the future. The death means the ending of life. The two events are against each other but not abnormal in life. Everyone understands once we were borne, we cannot escape death. The implication is that from one・s birth to one・s death, one should fight for a good life.

What is a good life? It does not refer to the materialistic things we possess. It refers to a life of peace and joy. Life would not be that easy if we want just to fight for a good materialistic life. However, it is not that difficult if we just want to achieve a life of peace and joy. It may be a simple life. It may be a lot of failures but it is a life during which we did try our best and we have no regret.

In fact, based on our lasallian spirits, faith, zeal and community, we should never give up and we help each other to achieve a life of peace and joy.

Dear fellow students, treasure your life, help each other and never give up are the three pieces of advice the school is giving you this morning.

Message from the Principal on 20 th February 2006

Dear colleagues and fellow students

Good morning.

Today we have a very important message to announce. That is our school today formally starts a major function V School Development Fund Raising Campaign. The Fund Raising Campaign consists two major activities. The First is a Walkathon and the second is by donation appeal letter to parents , old boys and friends. You may click to our school website and find clear information from it.

Why we have to raise funds or money? It is because we cannot rely on only government subsidies because we have much more development plans for you. Sometimes you may wonder if it is your duty to help the school in raising funds. Just look at the history of our school, we will find private donation is a great support for our school development. Without the fund from Chan Sui Ki・s Family, our school would not be built. Without the fund from the parents, our school hall will not have air-conditioning system. Without the fund from the Old boys, our SA today will not have its large Office and our students will not have a fitness center. Without the donation from a former Chinese teacher, Mr.Liu, our most progressive students will not be awarded with prizes every year.

Dear fellow students, the world is moving so fast and excellent education to you and your younger brothers should not be delayed. So, from this moment onwards, for the excellence of CSK, let us join hand in hand to make CSK move - try our best to raise funds for our school development.

Thank you

15 th November 2005

Principal's message on academic prize-giving day

Good Morning, dear colleagues and fellow students.

Today is a day of honor because we are going to give prizes to students who perform excellently in their academic studies. These prizes imply not just the hard work of our fellow students but also the effort of our devoted teachers.

Thank you teachers and congratulations to our prize-winners.

The mission of CSK is to provide quality education to students and we aim at helping our students to achieve in areas of the five Chinese virtues , namely, moral, academic, physical , social and aesthetic virtues.

The world today is knowledge-based and one must treasure his time in learning subject knowledge as good as possible. It is therefore today we also aim at teaching our students how to acquire self-learning skills and keep on life-long learning habits.

The world in the future would become more demanding. One must possess adequate academic knowledge for achievements in different careers. However, CSK boys are boys with potentials and we have confidence that you will win a successful future.

Today, when we honor students with good academic performance, we would have to think about our own directions. Maybe we would have to revise our study plans and make a new start today. Remember, we will not regret if we try our best today.

Thank you.