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** Application Method of Non-Jupas institutes **  


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  DSE Express
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  Release of results    
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  Checking of results (Procedure and timetable)   


   JUPAS Calendar      
   JUPAS Past examination scores      
   JUPAS Admission scores (2019)    
   JUPAS Programmes requirement (2020) 



    Programme Search 
    Admission Scores  
   Admisson Scores (pdf format)


    Useful Info for Non-Jupas Institutes during 7-22  
    Interview requirement for different institutes  
    Application method for different Non-JUPAS institutes

Repeating S6      FAQ about Repeating S6   
    Repeating S6 in CSKLSC    
    Schools admitting external repeaters    

Civil Service

    Civil Service Bureau
    Qualification Requirement 




Careers Guidance Handbook 
for Secondary School Graduates
Hok Yau Prospectus Guides
學友社 - 出路指南
HKFYG - DSE2020  放榜攻略



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