The 20th SA Handover Ceremony

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Handover Ceremony for the 20th Student Association was successfully held on 28th September, 2017. Our principal, Mr. Lee, started the ceremony by giving an opening speech, followed by a certificate presentation. After that, 19th Students Association, Atlas handed over the stamp and the key to 20th Students Association, Cohesion. Then, the members of Cohesion took a vow to take up their duties. Finally, the president of Cohesion gave a speech to all CSK students to introduce themselves. At the end of the Handover Ceremony, the teacher advisors and the committee members of Atlas and Cohesion took photos together. We all appreciate the work of Atlas. We sincerely hope that Cohesion can try their best to serve the students, bringing unity and glory to CSK.