Computer Science Challenge 2018

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Four CSK students, 5C Ho Lok Ki, 5D Poon Tsz Yeung, 5D Chan Sheung Chi and 5D Lai Cheuk Fai, participated in the Computer Science Challenge 2018, organised by the Department of Computer Science, the City University of Hong Kong. They were divided into two teams and competed in 3 tasks: Algebra Game Challenge, Bridg-it! AI Game Challenge and Robot A-maze-ing Challenge. Participants had to apply their problem-solving skills and programming skills in order to obtain scores in the 3 tasks.

The team of Ho Lok Ki and Poon Tsz Yeung was the champion. Another team of Chan Sheung Chi and Lai Cheuk Fai was awarded a certificate of merit. We would like to congratulate our teams on their success.