Form 6 last school day

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

7th March 2018 was the school day for Form Six students. It began with words of encouragement from the Principal, followed by presentation of report sheets to the top three students in each class and dissemination of career-related information.

The high-achievers are:

6A 1st Hau Cheuk Him
2nd Cheng Kwok Wai
3rd Lam Lok Hin
6B 1st Yeung Cheuk Yin
2nd Chung Kui Chiu
3rd Cheung Ka Lung
6C 1st Kwok Ying Chung
2nd Fung Kai Yeung
3rd Wan Chi Nam
6D 1st Ng Wang Lok
2nd Chan Kin Ting
3rd So Ho Yin