'Hang Lung Young Architects Program' 2017-2018

Friday, September 14, 2018

Since October last year, six students from F4 and F5 represented our school to join the 'Hang Lung Young Architects Program' organised by Hang Lung Properties. In the competition, 300 F2 to F5 students from different schools in Hong Kong were invited to travel to different districts in Hong Kong so as to enhance their exposure to the characteristics and history of local buildings. Our student representatives explored the features of local buildings in different districts and the beauty of architecture, accompanied by architects and teachers. They joined a series of talks, tours, interactive workshops, a photo-taking competition and an architectural tour-designing competition. This fruitful event came to an end on 21st of July.

Our students representatives are as follows:

5D Cheung Sang Lam
5D Lai Hing Him
5D Chan Tsz Hei
4A Tse Chun Hei
4D Chan Yee Lok
4D Yeung Dik Long

Students are encouraged to join different extra-curricular activities and competitions. Through various kinds of events, not only can you widen your horizons, but you also stand to compete for a warm glow of victory for our school.