Highlights of Chairman Training Course 2018 – 2019

Monday, September 3, 2018

Organised by ECA section, the Chairman Training Course 2018–2019 was successfully held on 3rd of September, 2018. In the course, all twenty-six chairmen of CSK’s clubs and societies received various training of various aspects given by Mr. K. K. Young, the social worker Mr. Andrew Ng, and Ms. Y. Y. Lam.

In first part of the course, Mr. K. K. Young, as an old boy of CSK, shared his experience in extra-curricular activities during his study in CSK and encouraged all chairmen to be responsible so that members’ interest and participation in club activities will be enhanced. Then, Mr. Andrew Ng equipped students with essential communication skills which facilitate teamwork. Chairmen were guided step by step in order to reinforce these generic skills. Finally, Ms. Y. Y. Lam explained the administration duties in detail and presented all chairmen with a clear picture about what they would have to accomplish in the year ahead. In addition, some tips on effective promotion strategies were delivered.

All chairmen enjoyed the activity and found the training course a fruitful experience, promising to do their best and provide CSK boys with quality activities.