SA Voting Day

Thursday, September 19, 2019

The SA election forum for our 22nd Students Association was successfully held on 13rd and 16th September in the school hall for junior form and senior form students respectively. Student representatives from Bifrost introduced the election platform about their upcoming activities and welfares. After their introduction, a Q&A section was also held to let students know more about them.

The voting day was successfully held on 19th September during the 4th to 5th period, and the counting was held during lunchtime in the covered playground. Students were welcomed to observe the counting process. For the result, there were 612 effective ballots, 213 votes for “trust” and 349 votes for “distrust”. The percentage of “trust” to all effective ballots is 42.9%, Bifrost lost in the election as they couldn’t reach the minimum requirement of getting 50% of “trust” votes. We thank Bifrost for all the concerted endeavours in the promotional period.