STEM Society Balsa Bridge Competition

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

On 27th February, the STEM Society held the Balsa Bridge Competition, aiming to further promote the society and its events to students and enrich students’ knowledge in different areas of science and mathematics.

The competition was open to all students and approximately 30 students participated in it. Two workshops were held beforehand on 19th and 20th February in order to equip students with basic knowledge and tips on building a balsa bridge. Different concepts related to physics were presented to students and the presentation was followed by a drafting, planning and brainstorming process.

Choi Lam Chun from 4B, Tam Kin Hei from 4B, and Chan Tsun To from 4A were the winners of the competition, with their balsa bridge having withstood the greatest amount of weight.The competition ended on a high note and was overall a successful event. Reception from participants and teachers was tremendously favorable.

We understand that preparation and promotion are the areas in which we should improve. It is hoped that the upcoming events will be even more successful and an even higher participation rate can be achieved. Aiming to attract more participants, we hope that students can have a better understanding about our society and their interest in STEM activities can be aroused.