Youth Arch Student Improvement Award (2017-2018)

Friday, March 1, 2019

Youth Arch Student Improvement Award is offered by the Youth Arch Foundation to give recognition to students who have made significant improvement in studies or conduct. Our school is invited to nominate students for the award every year.

The prize presentation ceremony of Youth Arch Student Improvement Award (2017-2018) took place in the morning assembly on 1st March, 2019. Our principal, Mr. TL Lee, presented the certificates to the prize-winners. The list of prize-winners is in the following.

1A Fong Hei Shing
1B Chu Chun Tak
1C Lu Chun Pan
1D Sham Chi Wang

2A Wong Yung Hin
2B Zhou Yik Lam
2C Yeung Chi Fai
2D Lam Yuk Hei

3A Ng Ka Hon
3B Ng Ngai Hang
3C Wu Yu Kwan
3D Ying Ng Leong

4A Fan Ka Chun
4B Wong Yiu Cho
4C Lee Ka Ho
4D Kwok Chi Hong

5A Kwok Tung Yi Tony
5B Wong Pak Wui
5D Lau Yu Hin

Congratulations to the above prize-winners.